Earth Day Freak Folks

I was commissioned to create another poster for the ongoing Freak Folk Show series held every few months at Downbeat Lounge in Chinatown (Honolulu). The most recent iteration, FFSVII, was held the day before Earth Day. The organizers are environmentally and socially conscious folks and wanted FFSVII to be Earth Day themed.

So I got to work on something that was meant to be trippy and surreal, but made the mistake of listening to some pretty intense drum & bass while I was painting. The initial result was pretty dark and pessimistic, a reflection of how current events and the state of the world in which we live.

 Second attempt

Second attempt

That wasn't quite the vibe the organizers were looking for however, so I hastily painted a new skin on the iconic VW bus (and adjusted its proportions a bit) and painted a wash of psychedelic color over the grungy city in the background to lighten the mood and obscure the harsh reality. The color wash creates the form of a dreaming woman, which adds to the ethereal feeling of the second poster. But I like that the grungy city, polluted water and smog-filled sky is actually still in the second poster, just hidden beneath a layer of pleasant distraction. Kinda like real life.

 First version (classified as Alt Version)

First version (classified as Alt Version)

The organizers ended up printing out copies of both versions and putting them up side by side, another decision that I really appreciated from them. Seeing the posters up side by side is almost like a cautionary statement, like two very different versions of the portrait of Dorian Gray hung next to one another.

A moronic crossover

This year was my first time participating in the Webcomic Artist Swap Project (WASP) and it was a blast. The project randomly pairs each cartoonist with two others. Each cartoonist will draw a script provided by one partner, as well as supply a script to the second partner.

Here's the crossover piece I wrote for my on-and-off webcomic "The Sun Also Shines on the Moronic" (the absurdities of the modern world and how to avoid dying of cynicism), drawn by the amazing Courtney Svatek.

Sith Happens

And here is the guest strip that I drew for the talented Paula Albaneze who writes a hilarious comic called Hoof Fellas.

Hoof Fellas

And be sure to check out the WASP website.

Bye, Bye, Boehner

Bye, Bye, Boehner

As Congress waves a teary bye, bye to Speaker John Boehner,  we reflect on how I totally called this, like, four years ago (and won awards for the resulting cartoon, too).  Plus, in-progress looks at my illustration for part three of HI/039, a dystopian sci-fi tale set in Hawaii in the not-so-distant future, serialized in issues of Summit.

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