Roberta Oaks shoot at La Mariana

I got to do a modest fashion photo shoot at La Mariana Sailing Club (a private marina and one of, if not the only, tiki bars left on Oahu) for a Summit Issue 1.2 story about local aloha wear designer Roberta Oaks (written by Naomi Taga of fishcake). This was only my second time doing a fashion shoot. The models, Allyee Jepma and Ahmed Perrui, both volunteered their time for the shoot, and the management at La Mariana was incredibly accommodating; letting us use their bathrooms to style and change outfits, letting us use a whole section of the restaurant to set up shop, and even mixing us multiple cocktails to use in the photo shoot. I received some top notch art direction from Mae Ariola too. The best part, though, happened after the shoot was over; Naomi, Allee, Ahmed, Mae (Mae's awesome husband Danny too) and I stayed for happy hour drinks and food from the club's kitchen. Easily one of the most fun photo shoots I've done so far. Click the image below to cycle through some of my choice shots.